A Guide To Bracelets For Men


Do you think bracelets are for chicks? They are indeed. But there are bracelets for men too.

In fact, if you take a look at the wrists of the most stylish guys you know, there is a strong chance they are wearing something on their wrists. Why? The bracelet is another opportunity to enhance your personal style and top off the look you are going for, whatever that may be. Not sure where to start? Don’t sweat it. Here are four different types of bracelets that any man can rock from the beach to the office and everywhere in between. Whatever your budget, whatever your style, we have got your wrists covered.




A leather bracelet answers the question – “aren’t bracelets just for chicks”. A deep, rich brown bit of leather on your wrist signals refined masculinity. Hints of leather are a great way to express your inner rebel without going overboard. Furthermore, if you are considering wearing several bracelets on one arm for a stylishly accessorized look, a leather bracelet serves as a great anchor piece.



Wrapping some woven fabric around your wrist is a great way to bring some colour to the party. You can find these in just about every shade of colour on the colour wheel, making woven bracelets a great way to accent any colour in your outfit. You can dress woven bracelets up or down, too. Today’s relaxed corporate culture means you can pull off a woven bracelet that picks up a colour from your shirt/tie/pocket square in all but the most conservative offices. Still, the same bracelet works equally well for throwing back a few at the beer garden on a lazy afternoon.




The beaded bracelet is definitely having its moment. Once relegated to the arts and crafts area of vacation camps, refined grown man versions of the beaded bracelet can be seen on the wrists of many a natty man in a suit. The beads can be made with anything from onyx to wood and the prices vary accordingly. There is one rule of thumb that can be applied to any beaded bracelet – the bigger the bead, the more casual the bracelet. Save the marble sized rocks for the weekends. For a more formal, sophisticated look, keep it simple with the smaller, pea-sized beads.




Wearing a metal bracelet can be the best option. If you are going to wrap a hunk of metal on your wrist, you have to be fully committed. Since you are toeing the line between looking like a badass vs. a cheeseball, you have got to make sure you come correct. If you work in a conservative office, keep metal on the sidelines. But when you do have the opportunity, wear them with a more subdued outfit because a metal bracelet can serve as a centerpiece of its own.

A bracelet aids in accentuating your personal style. Use it to accessorize your outfits – dressing up or down depending on the occasion. If you have never tried them before, a metal, woven, beaded or leather bracelet will set you apart as a cultured man who is not afraid to experiment with his personal style.

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