Haute Couture


Fashion is where we all come from. It is eternal, enduring changes as it traverses from season to season, decade to decade.

Yet it sustains all altercations to become a much better, superior form per se. Fashion is invincible, but it is also elegant. It comes as no surprise that fashion trends have changed throughout the years. However, what is surprising is that fashion from the past is persistently making a comeback, time and again.


Fashion is not only about the newest thing: although it is inevitably projected to the future, it uses its own past to constantly rewrite its history. Fusion is a great way to romanticize the past with elements of the future. While the timeless traditional outfits are jewels on their own that hardly needs any further enhancement or modification, outstanding creations can be made when elements of traditional outfits are blend with funk, modern essentials. Sari with jackets, kurti with skirt, punjabi with jeans- countless experiments can be done in fashion. With Groove, explore the spirit of aesthetic fusion using the most coveted attire from South Asia, or from even all over the world- the elegant sari.



Fusion In Ethnic Wear

Find the elegance of timeless sari draped in the charm of modern appeal. This week, embrace the splendid blend of luxury and modernism, keeping femininity and grace intact.


Eclectic Style Inspirations

Fashion is whimsical in many ways. We never know what will be the hottest trend a few days from now. Experimenting and originating new ideas only make sense then. While sari worn with belt is really not a new trend (originating in Bollywood, the sari-belt trend has surely captivated many fashionistas over the past few years), adding a vest with this trendy combo can turn up volumes of fashion.



Exquisite Ornaments

While working with fusion, it’s absolutely necessary to get your fashion staples right. Fusion experiments are quite conspicuous. It’s always wiser to keep jewelry and accessories minimal to bring balance in the look. Opt for one striking feature- such as a pair of long, sparkling earrings.


Pastel Passions

Pastels are gorgeous! You can never go wrong with them. The best colours for your fusion experiments can be nothing else other than those in the form of pastels. You can wear a heavily embroidered light golden sari with pastel coloured blouse. You can also do the opposite and opt for an ethereal pastel sari with a golden tops and an ornamental belt.



The Perfectionist Lady

Dress is half the fashion. For a complete trendy look, hairstyle and make up is as much important as the attire itself. As you are working with light coloured saris, keep your hair open. The graceful curls look attractive with this style.  Put on a dark coloured lipstick but keep the rest of the makeup light.


Model: Zitu Afreen
Styling: Syed Ruma
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Make-up: RED Beauty Studio & Salon
Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom

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