Style Statements For Summer


When you find a shirt or a pair of pants that fits well, buy two! Tucked in or out, nothing looks more elegant than a cool shirt with a hot pair of jeans. In fact, cotton shirts are the perfect choice for summer as they are both stylish and comfortable.


Men and shirts have sustained a very long relationship. It’s older than we can even remember! A casual shirt with jeans has been the top choice of most men around the world. That comes from lack of options as well. While women have plenty of stuffs to choose from –  dresses, gowns, shirts, tops, ethnic wears- men have only two main ones which are shirts and t-shirts although they do wear punjabi at times. Does that make the casual shirt a prosaic dress? Not at all. No matter how often it is worn (guys have been wearing shirts ever since they were in school!), there is always something new you can do with shirts. The patterns, colours, designs and materials all pave way for much experimentation. And, of course, how you pair it is also exciting. You could wear an exotic blue shirt with blue jeans, deep blue jeans, black shirt and so on. Being able to carry shirt with style and confidence is an absolute necessity. You might as well wear a floral Hawaiian shirt, but you need attitude to shine in it. Luckily, Groove is here to teach you just that. Accessories help a great deal to polish your style. That’s all men have got (unlike women who can easily change looks with different make up tools!). The ingredients for men’s perfect fashion may be less but they are versatile. So hop on board and find out ways to achieve that debonair look effortlessly.


Casual, Yet Classy

Why should women have all the fun? Put on your comfy jeans, sleek shirt and rock star shades to embrace the life under the sun. From smart casual to the perfect suit, we show you the way to be more stylish and impressive.


The Perfect Size

First and foremost, you need well-fitted shirts. That’s the fashion mantra for every stylish man. Oversized shirts look sloppy and careless while tight fitting ones might make too many people frowning at you. A shirt that fits well is one that’s also very comfortable. An elegant, printed light green shirt worn with black jeans is the ideal summer day look. The blue shoes add colour and contrast to this style.


A Little Experimentation

Take the afternoon off, hit the beach or the park and spend sometime marveling the sun and yourself!  Life is right now, at this place at this very moment, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time and attention. While doing that, let’s not forget to pay attention to style. Nothing oozes more comfort and fashion other than a white and purple shirt paired with blue trouser folded up. The beard goes really great with this look.


Magnetic Magenta  

Only the most fashionable man can wear floral printed shirt and end up looking manly and gorgeous. Be that man! The magenta shirt with floral impression looks chic and modern. The perfect balance sees a mélange of colours that complement each other- like the dominant magenta paired up with the neutral blue hue of the jeans. Opt for a pair of red snickers with this look.


Think Differently

There are three types of guys in the world – the first type wears white shirt, the second one includes the blue shirt wearers and the third category belongs to them who dare to dress a bit out of the box. Red is an extremely gorgeous colour that is seldom used in men’s fashion. A casual red shirt with white designs paired with a black jeans is just ravishing. Put on a pair of cool shades and your favourite wrist watch and she is sure to notice you.


Model: Karar Mahmud
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Styling: Syed Ruma
Wardrobe: Easy Fashion

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