Shaik Salekin


Shaik Salekin took up guitar as an instrument almost a decade ago. It was because he thought it looks cool even if one cannot play it. Astonishingly after a few years he found himself performing in front of thousands of people. Cool.
He achieved recognition with metal acts like Severe Dementia and was also a key songwriter
of Ostitto (death metal band from Bangladesh). But he rose to prominence in the year 2011- 2012
as a guitar player , composer of one of the top folk acts Band Lalon. Salekin was one of the founders of 12AM and eventually became the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.
In the year of 2014 his first solo song “Sukhi Manusher Gaan” got a lot of critical and commercial success. It also became one of top played radio songs in two months. 


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