3 Ways To Control Hair Fall


Hair fall is a nightmare for many of us and it’s a problem that worsens during monsoon. Luckily, there are things you can do to curb that.

A lot of factors contribute to damaged hair such as pollution, genetics, stress, lifestyle changes, etc. Damaged hair looks dry, frizzy and falls off easily. If you are seeing too many hair strands on your comb, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes. Here are three things you can do to achieve beautiful, thick hair.


Shampoo And Condition Regularly

Many people feel that shampoo will harm their hair and stop cleaning hair properly altogether. That’s a big mistake. Dust can accumulate on scalp and create all sorts of troubles. Blockages deter blood circulation on scalp and, as a result, hair growth is poor while hair loss is plenty. Use a good quality shampoo to clean your hair and don’t forget to condition it afterwards. Over-washing is not a good option too as it can dry out your hair. Do it at least twice a week.



Include Protein And Vitamins In Your Diet

Junk food (they are named so for a reason), fries and fritters, etc cannot help us achieve good skin or good hair. You have to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is advisable to have at least two sets of salad/ green vegetable or fruits everyday. Have a whole egg everyday (preferably boiled) to get enough protein. Also try to have a handful of nuts everyday- groundnut, chestnut, peanut, almond or any nuts would do. Or you can have a mixture of each everyday. In Bangladesh, chestnuts are readily available. You can have a handful of these everyday.


Do Coconut Oil ‘Champi’

Our grandmothers used to mention the benefits of coconut oil. They were not wrong. Warm coconut oil a little and massage it on your scalp once every week. Use your fingers to really stimulate blood circulation in scalp. But be gentle! You can leave it overnight and wash it with a good shampoo the following day.

Finally, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avoid stress. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. This is all it takes to combat hair fall during monsoon.

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