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Chic And Comfy

The most preferred material of clothing women use to wear in this season is a lawn dress. Chic, elegant and comfortable- they are grand choice for both monsoon and summer.

Many people call summer the lawn season.

They are not wrong. This is the time when women of all ages- teenagers to housewives, prepare themselves for the ‘lawn wars’. While lawn and Bangladesh fashion scene has an undying relationship, its true bond becomes conspicuous in summer as designers bring out colorful and elegant lawn dresses and fashion bloggers pen those down. If you ask why lawn dresses are so popular during summer, well there is a mélange of reasons. To begin with, they are extremely comfortable and light and allow your body to get enough fresh air in summer. There is a plethora of collections to choose from, varying in colours, patterns, cuttings and designs. A plus point of lawn is that it complements any silhouette. Whether you are too slim or gaining a bit of weight, lawn dresses look fashionable and lovely and complements every size! For the love of lawns, Groove has dedicated an entire story on it.

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