A Touch Of Tradition And Art In Your Home


Home is where our heart resides. To make our home look more welcoming, artistic and ‘deshi’, we can take inspiration from local arts.

Yes, I am talking about hand-built pottery, painted pots, wooden artwork, terracotta decorative items and much more! Even in the most luxurious flat, we would find a huge clay pot by the entrance. The reason is simple. No matter how modern we may have become, we are still connected to our roots.


The clay, wooden and other artistic items do just that. They reconnect us with the soil. For this reason, there is just so much pride and joy in cherishing these at our homes. Here are some ideas you can embrace to relish the beauty of these decorative items in your residence.



Terracotta In Your Home

Adding terracotta to a home can create both an old world style and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Terracotta pieces are easy to integrate into your decor and add a little extra flare to any room. With so many options available, the hardest part is deciding what to pick. However, choosing a theme can go a long way to helping you find what terracotta will work in your home. You can frame a terra cotta artwork in your living room or drawing room. Having more than one will be more meaningful. Make sure you provide ample space between the two. Try not to make it look clustered.



Clay Pot Decorations

Now and then, we stumble upon makeshift clay pottery roadside stalls in Dhaka. Pottery is very close to our Bengali culture. Just a look at these earthen beauties can be breathtaking. Many people love to embellish their house with these beautiful handmade potteries. Ideally, they should have been placed in the kitchen or the dining table. After all, they are ‘pots.’ However, for their ethnic uniqueness, these pots find themselves decorating the showcases, dining tables, book shelves, etc. Mutki, a large clay pot decorated with many colours, is usually placed outside the home or at the verandah. Clay pots are also mixed with plants and placed in verandah or living room to give a theme of nature. Most of the potters have inherited this profession from their fathers and grandfathers. You will also be helping the local market by buying their products.



Metal Crafts

Not too far from Dhaka, Dhamrai, is the home of unique metal crafts. For hundreds of years, local artisans have been at work here, carving beautiful masterpieces. The metal artworks from Dhamrai are world famous. It is considered privilege as well as joy to be in possession of these beautiful artworks that are also witnesses of history. Your living room can boast a metal craft signifying with it culture and heritage.



Wooden Artworks For A Natural Touch

Just like clay potteries, wooden artworks are also famous in Bengali homes. Wooden lantern, paintings made on wood and other paraphernalia of village life become vibrant on these artworks. Wooden wall arts also add elegance to the overall ambience of your home.

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