All That We Learnt From Meghan Markle


Imagine going to your wedding wearing a monochromatic dress, with no glitter and shimmer; no jewelry and barely any makeup! People in Bangladesh would think something is terribly wrong with the bride. The speculations that are likely to be made about you would be full of contempt. Either you are unhappy with the wedding or are ridiculously aloof from fashion; perhaps you are mourning somebody’s death or had a recent financial catastrophe. It is hard to imagine a Bengali bride in a simple look. However, the royal wedding has set altogether a different standard for wedding fashion.

It is something Bangladeshi or Indian girls can hardly ever dream of. We love our luxurious zaridar works, our chumkis, glittery designs and of course we are totally infatuated with chunky ornate jewelry. After all, it’s just one day we get to wear a whole jewelry shop! But the exception to this rule is just as pretty and can be even more elegant. Look at Meghan Markle. She has proven that:

Minimal Attitudes

When it comes to bling, the less they are, the more profound they become.  However, less doesn’t mean a decrease in taste or quality. Wear the finest things but keep the number less. Meghan Markle wore a pair of Cartier diamond earrings. It was formed as a flexible band of 11 sections, pierced with interlaced ovals and pavé set with large and small brilliant diamonds. Of course, she also wore her wedding ring and the Queen Mary Tiara. No nose-pin, no wrist full of bangles, no mangal tikka, no necklaces or anklets, yet she was looking drop-dead gorgeous!

Maximum Elegance Results From Simplicity

Our first look of the wedding dress might deceive us. It might come out as plain to the casual eyes. It was for this simplicity that the dress had been crowded by much controversy. However, there was more than that which met the eyes. The dress was tailored to perfection. The bride wore the Parisian label Givenchy, designed by Claire Waight Keller that cost approximately £387,000. The 16ft-veil detailed with flowers from all 53 countries in the British Commonwealth stole the show. It was a dress that had the paradox of luxury and plainness, brilliance and elegance, something very reflective of the character of the actress and princess who has taken royalty with an affable smile and is still very down to earth.

Go For A Simple And Natural MakeupReserve the cakes for the wedding table, not your face! Meghan proves that it is utmost important for brides to look like who they are on their wedding day! The tradition of layering our faces with foundation and changing our features by repainting eyebrows and changing skin complexion are just unethical. You are going to wash them off eventually. Your own skin is gorgeous. Love it. Live it with confidence. There is no need to hide yourself behind whiteners and heavy makeup.

Even A Messy Bun Can Be Perfect

Well, in a family where even nail polish colour is dictated by strict guidelines, it’s refreshing to see a royal rule-breaker. Her messy bun is a representation of her personality. Did I tell you that she totally rocked it?

Wear A Smile

Sometimes we don’t need dark red lipsticks, heavy contouring and crazy embellishments. A smile is warm and enough. It radiates life, beauty and elegance. Just smile away, be happy and own the day!

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