Arabic Makeup-Inspired Look


Whether it be from TV programs such as Sultan Suleiman or Sindbad, from Middle eastern music videos or Pinterest pins, one thing is for sure. Arabic women are beautiful. Their unique makeover and exquisite embellishment together with their long, black hair and flawless pearl skin creates a magnificent look. Their makeover style is a lot like ours- the tiklis, the jhumkas, shimmery eye shadows for example. Yet there is something distinct and enigmatic in their looks. If you want to try out a party Arabic look for Eid or simply want to orchestrate a light elegant Arabic look, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Focus On Eyes

The greatest emphasis in Arabic makeovers is given on the eye makeup. So whatever you may do in face makeup, it should not draw away attention from your eyes. Create a dramatic eye look with a plethora of colours. In Arabic style makeup, as the eyes are focused and given the most importance, you should use an eyelid primer. The primer allows the eye shadow to be applied smoothly so that it lasts for a long time. Opt for light shades. Pink is a favourite colour often used by Arabic women, especially brides. You can also use red, orange, purple, etc. Either you can mix two shades or you can use a shimmering base to make your eyes look more attractive. The more daring and vibrant your eyes look, the more perfect you will get. Last but not least, do not forget the kohl. Just like Bangladeshi women, Arabic women simply adore kajol. Apply generous amount of mascara as well. You can also use false eyelashes. If you are into coloured contact lenses, this is a good choice. Amidst the dark eye makeup, blue, green, brown and hazel eyes create alluring look. 

Contour The Face  

After applying primer layer you skin with a foundation closer to your skin tone and cover the blemishes with a concealer. Contour face with a darker contouring stick and contour your cheeks, jawlines and forehead. A good contouring always demands a good blending. Make sure your face has no sharp edges of colors.


Keep Lips Pink And Gorgeous

Moving to lips, prime your lips with a primer and to cover all pigmentation apply an even coat of concealer. Opt for a lip shade that matches your lip color- pink, peach, plum, etc. Deep shades of violet, red or brown would also look exquisite. However, a muted colour is usually used more frequently since the eye makeup is very bold and vibrant. Use a lip gloss to give your lips the perfect shine. To round up the look, take the minutest bit of highlighter to accentuate the Cupid’s bow. And you are done.

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