Bandana Trends For Summer


A simple bandana might be one of those accessories you haven’t given a whole lot of thought before, but this season, we’re encouraging you to think of this handy little item in an entirely new light. Much more than just a nod to Western style, a bandana can bring new dimension to a look, brimming with color and patterns that are more versatile than you think. There are endless ways to wear a bandana, but here we’ve gathered a few of the favorite examples:

Knotted Behind The Neck

A bandana print can add a vibrant look when tied around the neck like a scarf, creating a bold focal point. Use a bandana the next time you want to eschew the usual necklace to bring a unique edge to the way you accessorize.


Worn Around The collar

You can style your bandana under the collar for a subtle peekaboo effect, similar to an ascot. A black bandana can add sharp focus to your breezy floral ensemble. Your bandana can add a plethora of colours and shine out like jewelry.


Wear It As A Tie

Fold the bandana over diagonally, roll it into a snake, and then tie it around your neck in the front. String a big, chunky ring through the ends for an added bit of bling.


Replace A Scarf

A bandana can complement your grunge attire. Try wearing it loose around the neck in lieu of a scarf. Opt for a white tops and blue denim jacket as the vivid color will perfectly balance stark white tee. Fresh but with an edge, this look speaks of the versatility of a bandana.


Wear It On Your Hair

Of course, this is one way we are all familiar with! If there is no time for shampooing your hair; or if you are running out of dry shampoo, but have to be out the whole day, this can be your option. All you need is a bandana; it not only camouflages the messy, unruly hair but also makes you look stylish, almost instantly. You can try the simple knot method. Bring the bandana from under your ponytail, so that the loose ends are at the top. Adjust the bandana, and tie it up in one or two loops. Ensure it is intact. You can try different variations with your hair left open or tied down, a messy bun, etc. When styling hair with bandana, the biker style is one of the most popular ones. It’s called biker style, simply because men and women tie up a bandana on long drives. It’s both stylish and protects your hair. Simply wrap it around your head, bringing the loose ends to the crown area. Tie them up, and you are done.

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