Belal and Puja release “O Poraner Pakhi Re”


National Film Award-winning singer Belal Khan has joined forces with another popular young singer, Badhon Sarker Puja for a new music video. Releasing ahead of Valentine’s Day, the song is called “O Poraner Pakhi Re”.

The title is taken from a popular ’90s song, but the song is written anew. The upbeat, peppy song has already crossed a million views on YouTube.

When asked if there is a specific reason to have released a song targeting Valentine’s Day, Belal told The Daily Star: “Any song released on a festive occasion does well. Valentine’s Day has become a big celebration in the country now.” Puja also agreed to her co-star, saying “If a song comes out on an occasion, it reaches a larger audience.”

The song features Antu and Toya as models, and was directed by Motiur Sumon.

“The song has been received well so far,” Belal told The Daily Star. “It’s a really rhythmic song, and that’s why it’s been a hit with young listeners,” he added.

However, this is not the first collaboration between Belal and Puja. The first song they sang together was titled “Tomar Chhoya Te”, following which they also came together for a song titled “Obujh Pakhi”.

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