Cool Combination Of Punjabi And Koti


People of every religion have some special occasions to celebrate. Eid ul-Azha is such a festival for the Muslims that teach them the lessons of sacrifice and unconditional obedience to the Almighty. On the big day, Muslims sacrifice animals to satisfy the Creator. Nowadays post-sacrificial activities don’t prevent them in creating their fashion statements. Most of them in the urban areas just attend the ceremony and then go for passing quality time with the family members and friends. Thus they hardly need to change the dress that they wear to perform Eid prayer in the morning. When it comes to Eid attire for men, punjabis have never had to leave their place to make way for any other fashion wear. Bangali men have always indulged in the comfort and grace of this elegant piece of outfit. In the recent years wearing stylish koti with chic punjabi has turned into a great composition on the Eid day for men. The cool combination of koti and punjabi complement each other so well that it suits all the events of Eid day.

In order to find a perfect amalgam of koti and punjabi, first you need to buy a fashionable punjabi. If you have enough time in hand, you can try for punjabis from tailoring shops. Especially there are some reputed tailoring houses in Old Dhaka from where you can get the best designed punjabis. Besides, if you look for readymade one, the market is flooded with hundreds of stores selling punjabis. But when it comes to making an impression, there are some names that have made a mark on the scene for men’s ethnic wear. You can depend on these brand shops. While choosing punjabi you have to be liberal in spending money if you really want the best design and fabric. And in case of koti you don’t have too many options. Kotis from tailoring houses may not provide you the variety that you consider essential for your Eid attire. Besides, choosing quality fabric for koti is not an easy task as well. So, it’s better to depend on the fashion houses to get a satisfactory solution for koti. Remember, koti is not only about making a combination with punjabi rather it is something for bringing a formal tone.

There are different types of fabrics for punjabis, of which the most common are silk, andy, katan and cotton. Silk is more stylish and is usually reserved for formal occasions. Andy and katan are two fabrics which can provide you a gorgeous look. Cotton, by contrast, is lighter and more casual. During this season, you cannot be sure whether the Eid day will be a sunny or a rainy day. So, lighter wear is comparatively safe. Due to the same reason you can go for lightweight koti as well. Especially the cotton koti will give you the comfort that you will be searching for the day. Besides, there are kotis made of silk, jute, katan, andy and other fabrics. You just need to find the perfect one keeping your requirements in mind.

Colour choice for punjabi has also undergone a significant change. Traditionally men used to choose white and ivory, and perhaps black. But now men are moving towards bright colours like bottle green, Catalina blue and even apple green, black olive, and Chinese brown. They also prefer maroon, lime green or brown coloured punjabi. While buying koti either you can match with the colour of your punjabi or you may think of making a contrast. Contrast is going well. Rest assured as all the new designs available in the market have kept the deeply rooted traditional feel intact for kotis. The kotis have been adorned using native techniques such as nakshi kantha, karchupi etc. on different materials. Different motifs and designs have also been used to make the attires attractive to the youngsters.

So, it’s all about making a perfect style statement. No matter whether you take a light-coloured punjabi with a printed koti or a designer punjabi with a traditional koti, you just need to make a perfect combination.

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