Fashion Redefined At Dhrupodi


Dhrupodi is an absolute dream shop for women. Located at Navana Tower (Gulshan 1 circle) and Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall (Hatir Jheel Link Road), this fashion house has everything a woman’s heart desires for.For Pahela Baishakh they are bringing beautiful saris, kameez, salwar, suit, punjabi, etc with works of the colours red and white. However, just like always, there is singularity and art evident in their designs.Since its incipient stages, Dhrupodi had always promoted the exotic culture and art of Bangladesh in its fashion. The founder and Chairman, Sharmin Sultana, believes in the magnificence of Bangladesh’s fashion. She said, “Compared to other countries, I feel our works are more beautiful. The ethnic wears from Bangladesh are pure works of art! Beautiful Nokshi works, jamdani, and heritage based artistry come at our showroom from all over Bangladesh such as from Jassore, Rajshahi, etc.” Besides these, Dhrupodi also has collections from other countries.The fashion house that had always been connected to its roots, for Pahela Baishakh that bond has become even more evident. Local art, motifs, exquisite patterns, floral designs, etc have come to life in the works of Dhrupodi. The designs here are inspired from Bangladesh’s intrinsic beauty. “The embroideries from Bangladesh are very detailed and perfect. It is so intricate that even if the cloth tears, the embroidery won’t tear. I do the design myself and in every dress, you will find uniqueness,” the owner added.Customers are so pleased with the collections here that many of them are regular. Elegant, beautiful and chic, there is something for everybody here.  “The best feedback I receive is when my customers tell me how pleased they are to come here. They say our behavior is the best they receive and I feel that is very heart touching. For us, they are like family.”

Pahela Baishakh’s collections have also been greeted in the same manner as customers are rushing to the showrooms. Well, if you want a unique Bengali look, Dhrupodi has the perfect style solution for you.

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