Funky Makeup Ideas


When you want to turn heads and draw attention, try one of these cool makeup ideas. These styles are trendsetting and creative, making them appropriate for everyday use or when you’re prepping for a special occasion.

Have a bit of fun with your style and play with these different looks.


Play Around With Bright Eyeliners

We all love black eyeliners. No matter what you wear- sari, t-shirt or jeans, black eyeliners are a must! But it’s okay to play around with other colours for sometime. In fact, bright eyeliners look magical when put near black lines. Think of colours such as neon blue, electric green and so on. When you are out of ideas, choose cobalt eyeliner. They are simply brilliant when worn with black eyeliner.


Gold Eye Shadow

Add extra glam to your appearance with gold eye shadow that is applied to the inner corners of your eyes. This cool makeup idea will draw attention to your pupils and look extra edgy.


Create Two-Tone Lips

You can pair two different lip colors to create a fun two-tone look. This is ideal for the summer season when you want to embrace multiple color shades on your puckers. Use one color on the top lip and a different shade on the bottom lip.


Use Black And White Eyeliner

When you’re opting for a cat eye look, use both black and white eyeliners to create a more dramatic effect. You’ll look modern and chic with a defined wing. Bollywood actresses have already shown us how. Both red and pink lipsticks look great with this.


Wear A Super Dark Lip

When you’re searching for cool makeup ideas for spring or summer, super dark lips are ideal when going out at night. Opt for a dark plum lip that is paired with minimal eye makeup for a runway-worthy look. Dark brown, dark red and purple are some colours you just have got to try out.


Create Confetti Eyeliner

Allow your eyes to pop with confetti eyeliner. This cool makeup idea will require small dots of different colors of eyeliner to create the playful look. However, this look may not suit everybody. Try it on days you are on your own and experiment with the idea.


Grungy Black Shadow

It’s time to be metal. Go with grungy black shadow that will create a moody look. Use matte black shades smudged underneath the eyes. Pink lipstick and silver jewelry go great with this eye makeup.

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