Hijab Fashion: What To Take Into Account


When the new Bangla year greets you with all its joy and liveliness, it brings with it a blazing sun as well. You keep sweating excessively, and your hair becomes damp and musty.

For women wearing hijab, the problems are direr. Women, especially hijab wearers, need to be extra cautious about taking care of hair in summer. Let’s have a look at how you can keep your hair strong and fresh in this season:


Clean Your Hair

For hijab users, hair covered for long hours are more prone to infestation of damage-causing agents. Therefore, clean your hair with shampoo every day to maintain freshness. This would prevent accumulation of bacteria and fungi.


For Healthy Hair

Since hijabis have their hair always covered, the excess sweat makes their hair more prone to breakage. A mixture of one ripe banana, one egg, and three spoons of yogurt applied to hair 15 minutes before cleansing with shampoo will make the hair less vulnerable to breakage. If your hair is rough, don’t get worried. Apply a mixture of one hibiscus flower, one spoon of gooseberry butter, two spoons of honey, yogurt, egg yolk, fenugreek powder, and castor oil for an hour before going for the shampoo. The excess sweat, caused in hair covered by hijab all day, weakens the hair roots and requires a treatment of a blend of henna, papaya, and lemon juice.



Avoiding Damage

When it comes to washing your hair, don’t use hot water. It makes your hair more prone to dandruff. Never tie your hair before it is completely dry, or else dandruff and itching will weaken your hair roots. It’s better to dry hair naturally instead of using a hair drier. Often hijabis wrap their scarves before their hair is completely dry – do not do this as wet wrapped hair does not dry easily, and gives rise to mustiness.


Don’t Tie Your Hair So Tight

Don’t tie your hair too tightly, as it causes hair breakage and also hair fall from the roots. Avoid using tight rubber bands. Don’t use bobby pins and clips excessively. Before tying your hair in a certain way to apply a hijab style, be wary of the impacts binding it too tightly can have. It is better to use a thin cotton scarf to allow your scalp and hair to breathe in oxygen. It will absorb extra sweat and keep your hair strongly rooted.

Finally it can be said that your hair needs extra care in summer because of the excessive heat. And when it comes to hijabis, they need to be extra careful as their hair is always covered, causing excessive sweat, odor, and hair breakage.

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