Joler Gaan Bangoli Band


Joler Gaan is a Bangladeshi folk band. They started their journey in 2006.

This band is came from Dhaka University. Firstly they performed in side of roads, TSC and Allover the campus of Dhaka University.

 Rahul, Kanak, Jarnal and Xem started the journey of Joler Gaan.
We know our coulture has a huge collection of folk music (locally known Baul Gaan, Pala Gaan, Jatra Gaan, Mati o Manusher Gaan etc).  Joler Gaan is working on folk Song.

Every song of Joler Gaan are based on natural thing. Some song of Joler Gaan are listed bellow which are got most popularity.
01. Ekto Boshia Thako  – joler Gaan.
02. Bokul Fuul  – Joler Gaan.
03. Emon Jodi Hoto  – Joler Gaan.
04. Kagojer Nauka  – Joler Gaan.
05. Benu Fuuler Gaan  – Joler Gaan.
06. Ronger Gaan  – Joler Gaan.
07. Tepantor  – Joler Gaan.
08. Jora Pata  – Joler Gaan.
09. Patar Gaan  – Joler Gaan.
10. Monerr Manush  – Joler Gaan.
11. Dure Thaka Megh  – Joler Gaan.
12. Urche Keno Keo Janena  – joler Gaan.
13. Rail Gari Jhom Jhom  – Joler Gaan.

Line Up:
Rahul: Flute, Tar Aban, Vox, Horn.
Kanak: Vox, Banjo, Perc.
Jarnal: Perc, Vox.
Rana: Canjon, Drums, perc.
Xem: Guitar, Vox.
Sanjoy: Chon Drobhan.
Shorif: Violin.

Now a Days joler Gaan performing everywhere.  If You want to contact them please mail here  ‘’ (kanak)

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