Jyoti Sinha (Theater activist)


Making a name in the theater scene from a young age, Jyoti Sinha is a well-known stage actor of the Manipuri Theater. She has recently received her MPhil degree and was awarded the Dipu Memorial Award from the esteemed theater group Aranyak this year.

Plans for New Year’s Eve

So far, my plan for New Year’s Eve is a good old “adda” with my friends, and maybe also a picnic.

My Biggest Achievements of 2017

My biggest achievement this year was receiving the Aranyak Dipu Memorial Award 2017 from the oldest and the most unique theatre group of Bangladesh, Aranyak, led by the ever-respected Mamunur Rashid. I also received my MPhil Degree this year, which was a research study based on the Manipuri culture and the Rasa Lila dance form. We also performed in an international drama festival on the occasion of 16th December this year, and our performance was widely acclaimed.

New Year’s Resolution

I absolutely want to finish work on two dramas that we have already planned out. That is something I want to emphasize on the most! I also want to keep working on other stage-related matters, such as choreography, costume design, stage design, etc.

Something I’d like to change about myself in 2018

I want to learn dancing a bit more in 2018. If I do get some opportunities to work in the media, I will take them up as well. I want to present myself in a new look, but not get caught up in the mainstream. Personal development is an everyday journey. So I think if I develop myself professionally, I can improve my lifestyle as well.

A memorable moment of 2017

My birthday this year was very memorable for me. Receiving so many warm wishes from my family, friends, fans and well-wishers really inspired me to keep moving forward!

What I plan to achieve in 2018

I am planning on applying for a scholarship to a foreign university so I can learn about stage performance further. I also want to contribute to the research-based study on dance in Bangladesh, and also possibly work on an autobiography on older stage performers in Bangladesh.


Interviewed by Shams Rashid Tonmoy

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