Kanakchapa awaits book release


Popular singer Kanakchapa is one to celebrate art in all forms; while her primary passions lie in music, her hobbies include painting and writing. Eight years ago the singer broke into the publishing market with her first volume titled “Sthobir Jajabor.” While her writings have been absent from the annual Ekushey Boi Mela for three years now, this year she is making a comeback with her latest work titled “Kataghuri.”

A Correspondent

Published by Ananya Prokashona, the work is compiled from her various writings on an online page titled “Praaner Bangla.” “Everyone has someone in their lives, that inspires you to follow in their footsteps. For me that would be my parents. This book details my upbringing with them, and other stories that have defined my beliefs, and the person that I am today,” she stated.

The writer also informed that the title “Kata Ghuri”, or “Broken Kite”, comes from the notion of fleeting time. “Time is like that string that connects you to your kite, and it is never in your control as it may break and fly out of sight forever,” she added.

Kanakchapa is also busy in the music scene, and performs in stage shows regularly. She has also been doing playback singing for various film projects last year.

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