Matiur country’s first Sarangi player


When the young generation is becoming infatuated with popular music both in vocal and instrumental, a group of music devotee has relentlessly been trying to uphold the symphony of this sub-continental classic instrumental music.

Matiur Rahman, one of the music connoisseurs, has come up with his talents in playing Sarangi. He has been continuing his boundless spirit to spread the lost melody of Sarangi in the public gaze and becomes the first Sarangi maestro in Bangladesh.

Sarangi is a sub-continent bowed musical instrument about two feet high, with three main strings and up to thirty-six sympathetic strings.

Aiming to make new generations interested in the domestic musical instruments and bring back the heydays of Bengali’s domestic musical instrument, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy recently organized a ten-day ‘National Instrumental Music Festival’.

A total of 200 instrument players from 63 districts performed during the fest. Matiur also enthralled the audience with the symphony of Sarangi during the fest. Matiur is regarded as the leading Sarangi player in the country after liberation war.

Born in a family of Manikganj district, Matiur has avid fascination in singing and playing since his childhood. He got admitted in capital’s Government Music College after completing his secondary education. Matiur studied music in the college and then went to India’s Gujarat to learn Tabla upon receiving scholarship of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarship.

‘I came in touch with Sarangi in 2000 first while I was being taught music at Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. I came back to Bangladesh after obtaining graduation on Tabla. Again I went to Delhi to learn Sarangi from Ustad Golam Sabir Khan under the scholarship of Bengal Foundation,’ Matiur said.

“With due respect to all, I have taken lesson from couple of masters. I am playing Sarangi with their blessing. It has become my life and passion”, Matiur added.

This young musician played in big classing music festivals in Bangladesh and India including Patiala heritage Festival of India, Bengal Foundation in Dhaka. Besides his solo instrumental playing, he also grabbed fame by playing with famous instrumental musicians Master Yasin Khan, Sunil Kumar Mandal, Pondit Anil Kumar Saha, Rezwan Ali Lablu, Moonmun Ahammed, Bidya Saha of Delhi and Salman Amzad Amanat Ali of Pakistan.

Matiur Rahman is a staff instrumental artiste of Bangladesh Betar (radio) and listed musician of Bangladesh Television.

Government Music College Lecturer Saiful Islam said: ‘Matiur is the first and only Sarangi player in the country.’


N.B: Bangla Daily Kaler Kantho first published the article on 5 January 2018

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