Mirror Marvel


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all – this is not just something Snow White’s stepmother ask. Let’s face it.

We all need to flatter ourselves now and then. Looking at a mirror helps shape up confidence, oversee health issues early and is simply fun. Mirrors are also a great way to reflect light, make a space look bigger and open up a room. Does that mean the more mirrors the better? Well, here are some amazing ideas to try out with mirrors:


Mirrored Art

A bold and gorgeous mirror can be the focal point of a room. You can use an extra-large mirror to reflect the light from the balcony and to serve as a last-minute check point before you head out to work. The best place for it can be beside your bed. Even if your bedroom is small, the mirror itself becomes the artwork in this minimal set up. Even a large wall mirror can bring simplicity to a space if used correctly.


Double The Space

Add mirrors to any space you want to visually expand. The location and placement of the mirror are key points when utilizing them. You should want to ensure that it will not create undesirable reflections and will allow it to maximize its innate qualities. You can use a decorative mirror in the dining room to brighten the room, create additional luminosity and add dimension to the space.


Magnify Beauty

Do you have a design element in a room that you’d like to showcase even more? An eye-catching crystal chandelier, for example? Hang the mirror in such a way that it reflects the sparkling fixture. Hanging a mirror so that it reflects the light from a chandelier or pendant has the same effect as hanging it near a window as the light is amplified, which is perfect for a room with little to no natural light.


Balance The Look

A traditional entryway with two buffet lamps on a console table flanking a gold frame wall mirror is a good choice. Provide visual balance over a console or chest in an entryway by centering a mirror above and flanking it with table lamps or sconces on either side. If you only want to use a single table lamp, balance the look by anchoring the other side of the console with a vignette of home accessories.


Geometric Statement Mirrors

When picking mirrors for your favorite room, don’t feel confined in your frame choices to round, rectangular or a few curly flourishes around the edges. They’re all great approaches that work well in a variety of settings, but don’t be afraid to go for something a little bolder. You can use large, gold frame shaped in a stunning geometric pattern.


Mirrors In The Gallery Wall

Mirrors make a wonderful addition to gallery wall displays, especially when they’re featured as the central attraction. Identical framing brings the look of the whole wall display together while the addition of the round mirror at the top breaks up the shapes adding visual interest.

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