Musical conversation with Tagore poems in Ctg


French flutist Gilles de Talhouet performed at a programme titled “Mystic Music Evening” at Alliance Francaise de Chittagong on Saturday.

The programme displayed a musical conversation between the melodies of the flutist along with the poetries of Rabindranath Tagore. It was the artiste’s debut performance along with the recitation of Tagore’s poems.

Two students of Alliance Francaise- Sadaruddin Ibne Sekander and Umme Saira Humaira recited 11 poems of Tagore while Gilles played on the flute.

The artistes also recited French translations of the poems. ‘1400 Saal’, ‘Bhrashta Lagna’, ‘Nirjharer Swapnabhanga’, ‘Purna Milon’ were notable amongst the poetries that were performed at the event.

The artistes used different kinds of metal and bamboo flutes throughout the performance according to the mood of the poems.

Sometimes Talhouet played long legato notes, sometimes short and spiky staccatos with chromaticism for attaining glissando.

He also roamed around the hall for different reverb effects and for creating ambience during the performance.

The recitation ended with the poem “Arambha O Sesh” by Tagore. Gilles played ‘Badinerie’- a famous composition by western classical music legend Johann Sebastian Bach for closing the event and as his compliment to Rabindranath Tagore.

The artiste has performed the poems of different poets and writers of different countries and languages throughout his career– mentionable of which is Hermann Hesse, famous German poet and writer.

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