Putul’s passion for writing


Popular singer Putul of CloseUp1 fame has previously branched out of her career to test new waters, namely as a programme host, but also as a poet during the last two Ekushey Book Fairs, where she published two volumes of her works. Next month she is stepping into even newer terrains for the upcoming Ekushey Boi Mela, which will feature her debut novel.

Titled “Ekti Monostattik Attyohonon Ebong Taar Putulkabbyik Protibedon”, the work is Putul’s insight into the female psyche, and the struggles and conflicts women face within society. “As a woman, I feel our struggles are shared, and therefore it is important to write to find a voice,” she elaborated.

Published by Priyomukh, the book’s cover design is a concept directly borrowed from one of the singer’s music albums. Putul also added that readers can avail a copy of the book from Priyomukh’s stalls erected from the very first day of the annual book fair.

While the singer only recently emerged as an aspiring writer, Putul always had a deep-rooted passion for writing, whether it is in the form of song lyrics, poetry, or stories. The singer broke into the literary market with a collection of poems titled “Putulkabbyo Upokromonika.” This was followed by a second volume titled “Putulkabbyo Ditiyo Oddhai.”

Meanwhile, the singer is extremely active in her music career, and has been on the go for stage and TV appearances. The singer has also been working towards making her music more accessible for listeners, and has opened her own YouTube channel, where she hopes to upload a new music video every week. With this enterprise, the singer intends to revise her musical roots in Nazrul Sangeet, and cover songs by the Rebel Poet and Tagore.


Source: The Daily Star

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