Refreshingly Sweet


Have you peeked outside the window lately? Did you steal a glance of the sky amidst your busy work schedule? I surely have. The sky is incredibly clear, casting a light blue spell everywhere on earth. It fills the heart with awe and wonder.

So many singers, writers and poets have devoted columns penning down the beauties of shorotkal, i.e. the autumn season. Rabindranath Tagore himself could not resist the temptation towards the tempting fluffy clouds and the artful glories of nature at this time of the year. With a season so refreshingly sweet, our wardrobes can also resonate with a revitalizing transformation. Take inspiration from the wonderful clouds that may be void of colours but in no way void of zeal. Absence of colours can be just as colourful as the rainbow at times! Or you could draw inspiration from the mystic skies or radiance of the sun for your fashion. Be whimsical, be elegant and be yourself. Reflect the magnificence of the autumn season in your attires.Autumn’s Sunshine

The blue sky is embroidered with dancing clouds and the weather is truly a romantic one. What a wonderful time to be alive! Marvel in the beauty and tranquility of this season with a transformative style statement.

Pleased And At Ease

Whatever your plans may be, this will carry you through the day comfortably and with panache. Dark colours can possess grace and harmony too- this dress exemplifies that. It’s eclectic and delectably fresh. Pastel shoes further intensify the proud tranquility this style flaunts while the uniform cut helps relieve us from the suffocation we get from tight fitted dresses that are usually reserved for these occasions.

Celebrate Love, Today And Everyday

Had Valentine’s Day not been in the spring season, autumn would definitely have been the best time for it. It’s a season that surely shakes our spirits up with its compassion and love. Perhaps the colour red could also be replaced by other light colours such as light cream, light pink and so on. Yes, love is fiery but it is also peaceful, calm and serene. In fact, personality can properly shine in light coloured dresses with minimal design. Red, with its glamour, seems to take away much of the spirituality and inner beauty of a person whereas light colours magnify it. It’s almost transcendental.

Lost In Innocence

Get in touch with the child in you and run after the festive clouds this season with a fashion that’s perfect for it such as a turquoise dress that is neither too dark nor heavily embroidered. Yellow flat shoes or one with a wedge on the edge will keep you on your feet as you explore the bliss stored by the day for you. A pair of matching jhumkas will be the cherry on top!

Cute And Powerful

Be unique and creative in your choice of dress. Each dress is like a costume and it helps you transform into another you. This cool, blue kaftan with the light blue gemmed necklace is like art in real life. It will help everyone to be up to the mark with a different side of your personality- a side that’s aesthetic, confident and bold. Eye makeup is really important when you are trying to tell a story with your style. You can move away from classic smokey eyes for a lighter, deeply accentuated eye makeup.

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