Rice Bran Oil: A Healthy Alternative


A good cooking oil doesn’t just add life to the most common foods, but also plays a pivotal role in your health. It could affect your cholesterol levels, alter your metabolics yndrome and if you’re using the right kind of oil, it could also reduce inflammation. That’s what makes it all the more important to pick the right one.

We all want to eat healthy but our taste buds are always craving for oily snacks, rich food and what not. In the last few years, ghee and refined oil have earned a bad reputation due to cholesterol and heart disease scare. For such health reasons, people have become more open to experiment with new types of oil. On such variety that has slowly been creeping up on health charts is Rice Bran Oil. While it is relatively new in the field of cooking oil, researchers have found it to be one of the healthiest options. Rice bran oil has 37 percent polyunsaturated fats and 45 percent monounsaturated fats, almost a 1:1 ratio. This means that you can enjoy all your tasty curries, fries and fritters without worrying about cardiovascular diseases. Here are some health benefits of rice bran oil:

A Neutral Taste

The outer layer of the rice grain is called bran and the oil is extracted from this brown husk. It has a mild flavour and is neutral in taste. The taste does not clash with food flavours and you can even use it in cookies and cakes. It may lend a mild nutty flavor. It can be used for sautéing, grilling, marinades and is great in salad dressings. It’s light and quite versatile.

Contains Good Fats

Rice bran oil has an almost balanced fatty acid composition. Rice bran oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and free of trans-fats.


It is known as the heart-friendly oil for a reason. Some doctors say rice bran might help lower cholesterol because it contains the right amount of oryzanol which is an antioxidant. It helps decrease cholesterol absorption and increase cholesterol elimination.

It Lowers Cholesterol

The American Heart Association and The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend rice bran oil as the best choice for improving serum cholesterol levels.

High Smoke Point

Rice bran oil has a high smoke-point, which is pitched at 254C or 490F, which makes it perfect for stir frying or deep frying. It can maintain its nutritive quality even at high temperatures. Also, it has been seen that food cooked at high temperatures absorbs less oil.

Less Oily

Rice bran oil is less viscous which means that it does not stick to food. It absorbs less oil which is why you also need to be careful of the quantity you use. In fact, it tends to feel less oily on the tongue.

Rich In Vitamin E

It is rich in Vitamin E which is powerful antioxidant and has anti-mutagenic properties that prevent cancer. Vitamin E also helps in boosting your immunity.

For Weight Loss Properties

It contains high levels of natural antioxidants which boost your metabolic rate and may help with weight loss. The high level of antioxidants not only makes this oil healthy but also makes it resist rancidity and spoilage.

Good For Skin

Squalene is a compound present in rice bran oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it soft, supple and smooth.

Well, the health benefits of rice bran oil are many! No wonder more and more people are switching to this oil. However, just like everything else in life, excess is bad. Eat good meals, stay active and drink plenty of water. Add rice bran oil to your cooking and live a happy, healthy life.

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