Safe Home Designs For Children


Taking care of a toddler and ensuring safety is the most crucial aspect for new parents as they just can’t take their eyes off their kid. The toddler tends to move around the entire house with this new found independence and thus should be saved and protected from harmful and unfriendly things.

At this time, parents need to make sure there are no pointed objects around the house. Groove brings you few tips and advices on how to make your house safe for toddlers.

Concealed Bins

Toddlers do not know what a bin is and what it contains. They generally get excited by the numerous contents of the bin and would try to explore it further. They tend to empty the bin upside down, hence creating havoc for the parents. Concealed bins or covered bins are an easy way to avoid this clutter.

Hide the knives

The sharpness of a knife makes it a cardinal threat to the kids. Always make sure to store knives in a concealed environment. Do not go for those swanky kitchen shelf knife stands when you have toddlers around. Instead, place knives in a cabinet. This will not only help you find the desired knife easily, but will also let you know if one knife goes missing.

Concealed power sockets and cords

Toddlers get the most fascinated with wires and cords. Therefore, these things should be kept at bay. Toddlers tend to play around with these cables which unfortunately have even proved fatal for some of them. A concealed table can store all your wired devices in one place without making the toddler aware about it.

Carpeted flooring

Flooring plays a vital part, especially when there are kids around. As a toddler is new to walking, he/she tends to fall more number of times than the steps he/she takes. For this reason, the flooring of the house should be soft and smooth. You should avoid using slippery marble or tiled flooring to avoid injuries and bruises. Carpet flooring works the best in these conditions.

Secure the appliances

A kitchen is the most dangerous part of the house when it comes to kids and toddlers. You need to fix and secure all the devices and appliances as your toddler might want to try a few of them! The microwave and oven are usually built out of their reach, but one thing that fascinates the toddlers is the fridge. This holds a high level of threat as cold items kept in that should not be consumed by kids. Store the heavier items at a lower level so that your child does not get hurt.

Closed bookshelves

Always opt for closed bookshelves as shown in this picture. Exposed bookshelves are a potential threat to the kids as books might fall and hurt your toddler. Many children use open bookshelves as climbing frame. To avoid this fiasco, go for closed bookshelves with inbuilt locks.

Closed cabinets

Often kids try to break free in the kitchen and tend to touch various items in your pantry. So make a note that when you have toddlers around, go for closed cabinets with heavy doors and inbuilt locks. Closed cabinet helps to save your child from non-consumable items and also prevents them from coming in contact with glass bottles and other essentials.

Crockery at bay

Make sure to keep all your expensive chinaware and glassware away from kids. Kids get attracted towards perky designs and unique shapes. This is the reason why crockery should be kept out of their reach. Try to place them on the lower shelves of the locked cabinets.

When you have toddlers at home you need to decorate the house keeping safety as your top consideration. For that you have to shop new things and take away few old objects. So, use these ideas to make your house a safe place for your toddler.

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