Simple And Sophisticated Ideas For Verandah


The verandah of your house is the place where you have to stand in, early morning, with a mug of coffee or a cup of tea on your hands; the place where you can hear your own thoughts but also catch a merry conversation with your loved one. Other than roof tops, verandah is the next best place to find nature and solace.

With plenty of apartments mushrooming in Dhaka city now, there is hardly any place left to have a personalized garden. However, a verandah can do just that. Get your couches ready and your pots in place because these verandah decorating ideas will not cause any discomfort to your wallet.


Cheap Pot Plants

Decorating your verandah with pot plants is one of the easiest ways to give it a touch of colour. And you needn’t go out to your latest (and expensive) home ware or garden shop to pick out the pots. If you allow your creativity to flow, you’ll notice discarded items that can be used for potty purposes: water jugs, watering cans and gumboots are just a few of the many possibilities in your home for up-cycling. You can even create your own recycled pots with old shoes, bottles, etc.

A Careful Selection Of Verandah Flowers

If you’ve already picked your colour theme, make sure that even the blossoming flowers on your verandah or porch fit the palette. If you’ve chosen soft pastel hues, go for lavender, orchids, white roses or carnations. You can also grow local flowers as well such as marigold. But stick to one or two specific colours so that your verandah isn’t so riotously colourful that you can’t relax! Remember, you need to take care of all these flowers too!


Outdoor Pillows To Make The Place Colourful

Humans are naturally drawn to soft and cosy settings, so having outdoor pillows thrown on your outdoor furniture is a sure-fire way to coax you outside to sip your coffee and enjoy the fresh air. But be careful! Though you may be enticed by different materials and patterns, try to stick to the same consistent look to create the best effect.


Outdoor Rug To Soften Your Verandah Surface

An outdoor rug adds style and hominess to your verandah (and is a nice place for the pets to rest as well!). As with outdoor pillows, take care to match the colour, pattern and material of your outdoor rug with your overall verandah design! However, keep in mind that it may rain. If you don’t have sliding glass doors to shield from the rain, work will only get multiplied (think of all those drenched rugs you have to dry!).


A Bird Feeder Can Welcome Feathery Friends

A bird cage or bird feeder has a dual purpose. Firstly, it creates a great centre-piece for your verandah. Secondly, it attracts the native birds (or you can keep your own), bringing beautiful birdsong to your outdoor room.


Curtains For Dramatic Effect

If outdoor showpieces are a bit out of your price range for now, a quick solution is to string airy curtains across your verandah. Of course, they won’t keep out the wind and rain, but they can provide shade from the sun and the flowing effect they create is so hypnotic.


Wind Chimes To Add Charm

Sounds are as important as sights. Natural birdsong and rustling leaves help calm the mind, but wind chimes add that extra soothing something to set your mind at peace. And thankfully, wind chimes can be truly inexpensive, especially if you’ve got the time and creativity to make them yourself.

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