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Bangladesh’s music industry has always been dominated by the presence of artistes deeply embedded in musical backgrounds and training. However, times are changing, and the world is viewing new talents who earn their claim to fame through genuine love for singing and music. Tashfia Sui Tashfee is a young singer whose powerful range and hauntingly beautiful vocals have gained her praise and recognition on the social media and YouTube video performances, and have subsequently caught the attention of prominent composers and musicians. She has been seen on live TV programmes and other shows, and has been on “Wind of Change” as a choir manager on Gaan Bangla. She shared her story with The Daily Star, and the journey that has brought her here.

You are now an emerging musical artiste and your performances have gained accolades. How would you describe your journey so far?

Tashfee: I started three years ago, before that I never knew that I could sing. This is strange because musicians usually come from backgrounds that are deeply ingrained in musical training. I used to listen to songs I loved and try singing them, which was met with much praise from my peers. My friend later invited me for a practice session at his studio where other musicians were also present. They were the band Blue Jeans, and I have been singing ever since. Last year, I was the choir manager for “Wind of Change” which has been an experience I cannot quite put into words.  Although I am new to this, my journey has not been hard, and I feel quite lucky to be able to get to where I am.

What was your first live TV performance like?

Tashfee: My first ever show was a live TV performance. It was a Celine Dion tribute show on Desh TV, and I was a nervous train wreck as I had never performed in front of people before. I had to do nine songs, and it was a solo show.

Before you realized you wanted to be a singer, what did you want to be?

Tashfee: I had always been a straight A’s student and quite serious about academics. I had been studying HR at IUB before, and had always envisioned myself in a career related to that field. I am so glad things didn’t turn out that way.

 What do you enjoy most about covering songs?

Tashfee: I cover songs which I find challenging, which is why I love covering songs by Beyonce. Recently, I have been listening to a lot of jazz and neo-soul, and I am loving the experience. Those are my primary motivations. I am also covering more Bangla songs, which is a domain I have not explored before.

What are you currently working on and where would you like to see yourself in the future?

Tashfee: I like going with the flow, and I love collaborating with different musicians as it helps diversify my growth as an artiste. Currently I am working with Romel Ali and Hamin Ahmed from Miles on some originals. I am also working on solo singles, and my first single, “Khub Kachche”, along with a music video will be out soon. The RnB song is composed and tuned by Shahrin Shariar, and I have collaborated with Indian bassist Sheldon De Silva.

Source-Daily Star


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