The Revival Of Circular Earrings


Hoop earrings have hopped back in fashion and they are drop dead gorgeous. What makes them so special is their versatility. They look extremely glamorous when you pair it up with a short black dress.

A pink one would make them look more feminine and attractive. If you pull up some high street fashion, they would immediately blend in to your look. If you are thinking about wearing one with sari, you won’ regret it. A long circular earring with an embellishment attached in the middle could be your style remedy for the most lavish party. Since circular rings are just so flexible, we have decided to pay a tribute to them.


Urban Posh Style

Take your favourite pair of jeans. One embellished with frills or slits would be a better choice. Take a long muted t-shirt and pair it with a bright shrug. You could tie your hair to a pony tail. Wear long silver circular earrings. Don’t forget some cool sporty shoe with this! A natural makeup approach would be perfect with this style touching the lips with only a light or nude colour.


Party Style

Perhaps you are out of ideas on what to wear to a party. You may want to look subtle yet trendy. For the quiet, conspicuous ladies- circular rings speak volumes of confidence. Opt for a cute dress with lots of pleats. It could be of any colour- black, red or even glittery golden. Wear dark leggings with it. Look for a pair of scintillating golden stilettos. You could opt to keep your hair open with this outfit. Last but not least, take your golden hoop earrings and you are ready to impress.

Traditional Beauty

For those who want to wear sari or kameez, opt for circular earrings with jhumkas attached to them. You might find them in shops or you could customize and make your own piece. Opt for an elegant pastel coloured silk or georgette sari with embellished blouse, golden kitten heels and a single bangle with pearls attached in it. Let the circular earring also have some pearls in it to match your bangle. When you are wearing sari, it is absolutely important that your clutch matches your outfit theme. You could opt for a designer golden clutch to match your shoes or a pearl clutch to match your jewelry. Do makeup however you like with this theme. You could opt for the smokey eyes and pink look or work on a more dramatic eye makeup with darker lipstick.

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