Top 12 songs of Shammi Akhtar (Listen)


Noted singer Shammi Akhtar has passed away at a city hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

She made her debut in the playback with the film ‘Oshikkhito’ directed by Azizur Rahman.

Two of her songs in this film–Jemon Achi Temon Robo Bou Hobonare and Dhaka Shohor Aisa Amar Asha Puraichhe– helped her to gain popularity.

She then lent her voice to more than 300 songs in Bangla films.

She received the prestigious National Film Award in 2010 for her song in the film Bhalobaslei Ghor Badha Jay Na directed by Jakir Hossain Raju.


Listen top 12 songs of Shammi Akhtar…

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