Your Office Desk: Make It Lively


The desk where you sit in to work is a vital place as this is where you spend a significant amount of time. Spicing up your workspace by some creative ideas to decorate your office desk can really have some positive impacts on your mindset. The wonderful thing about decorating an office desk is that it requires minimal energy and very little things. Here are a few ideas:

Creative Calendars

While keeping track of time, staying on top of appointments, and following up with plans, it’s nice to get a little creative with it. There are so many fun calendars out there – from Lego calendars, to different geometric shapes, to famous paintings, to Origami you can scatter all across your cubicle — there’s really no creative limit.Bulletin Board

Especially if visualizing things helps you learn and remember things, these are great little additions to throw into your cubicle as a fun way to stay on top of things. You can write or post messages and reminders for yourself, stick things on that you come across, and maybe even dabble with some of those poetry magnets if you opt for a magnetic board. This is like your high school locker upgraded to a whole new level of professional fantasy.


You may not have many leather-bound books but you can appreciate the simple joy that is being surrounded by some beautiful books. Even if you can only ever really crack them open during one of your solitary lunch hours, you may like it. Stack a few of your favorites or some of your current reads along your cube walls, throw in some super cute bookends, and you’re one step closer to transforming that office cube into a majestic study of the utmost sophistication.


Since you can’t be outside soaking in that glorious sunshine and budding greenery, let the nature come to you. Plants are a perfect way to spruce up the industrial, corporate dreariness that can sometimes take strong hold. In fact, The Guardian pointed to a study that concluded that plants in offices increase happiness and productivity among employees. Try opting for some cubicle-friendly plants that are super low maintenance like a cactus, spider plant, or a peace lily. 

Personal Mug

Make your office feel more like home by bringing in a personal mug, especially for that complimentary office coffee and tea. You can even drink something else during your spare time.

Well, you can keep many other things on your desk. Just make sure that you customize it in the right way because a beautifully customized desk is all you need to refresh yourself during your overload hours in the office.

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